Flow forming is an advanced chipless cold forming process used to manufacture ultra precision seamless components. Forward flow forming, Reverse flow forming, Flow turning and Shear forming are all different methods of flow forming. By employing a suitable method or a combination of methods, components of cylindrical, conical, radial, parabolic or ogivial geometries can be formed with a great degree of accuracy. Following are the benefits of flow forming:

  • Geometrical and Dimensional accuracies can be easily achieved
  • It increases the yield and tensile strengths of the formed materials, resulting in superior mechanical properties
  • High degree of roundness, straightness and concentricity can be achieved by maintaining tight tolerances
  • Fine surface finish on the inner and outer diameters can easily be obtained
  • Thin and precise wall thicknesses can be maintained regardless of the diameter or size of the component
  • Wall thickness of the component can be varied as required at any place and as many times as desired along the length of the component
  • Seamless construction: Separate components can be integrated into the same seamless flow formed structure, resulting in one single high quality product
  • Excellent repeatable accuracies can be achieved since it is CNC programmed
  • Cost-effective and economical for bulk production


At Spinmet we follow a carefully engineered development model by which we assure our customers a high quality product. Our engineering team designs and analyzes different parameters based on the client’s requirement. We conduct rigorous inspection through hi-tech equipment at every critical stage of the development cycle to ensure that the quality is not compromised. Depending on the requirements we also go through additional processes in pre-form and post-formed stages of development.

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